SLAM! CRUNCH! What are those? They are onomatopoeias.  A man named Roy Lichtenstein created art using those. Isn't that cool? Our class thought it was. That's why we created our own! This picture to the left is mine. Using the different suggestions and feedback I received, I put together this art. The use of many different lines and complimentary colours are what make it look like what it is now. I  really enjoyed  this project and I hope that I can do some more things.

Mr. Hong
5/27/2012 11:12:39

@ I would very much like to read about how you used the principles/elements of art and design in your artwork.

winnie the poo
6/11/2012 02:31:18

Sherlok great job I really like how you put the onomatopoeia two times on top of each other you also put the word swish in HUGE letters behind the net. great job.

6/11/2012 04:11:10

Breathtaking, amazing, original, perfect, and just awesome they all describe your art work. I really like how you talked about the elements and principals of art. I love how you talk about the man Roy, I think you could be a famous artist like him, maybe even more famous. I think I will see your art in many places, and I think your art will sell for hundreds, maybe thousand, in the future. The future is bright for you in many ways, keep doing what you are doing. Also one suggestion, tell me how you used, those elements and principals, it would be interesting to read, and see.

6/11/2012 04:15:00

I really,really like your art! Its really good!

6/13/2012 03:13:53

Great job. VERY VERY VERY clean look and very professional. I think you can work on your reflection a little bit more. A think you have a few spelling mistakes so I would skim through it just to make sure there are no errors. Overall, you did an awesome job! (:

Greg Heffley
6/14/2012 02:37:48

AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! Awesome job Sherlock! I loved how you put the two " SWISH's " in the back but also the front, but not only that, but I also enjoyed that it looked 3D. However, does Roy Litchenstein use certain colours in his drawings?

10/11/2013 15:01:02

Erick, I'm jealous lol why can't I have that much talent? (:


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    Breathtaking, amazing, original, perfect, - Amy