My Mosaic
We created tile mosaics for Mother's Day. While making the mosaics were fun, we also learned a couple things along the way! We learned how to break tiles safely, apply grout and thin set correctly, and that patterns exist everywhere. To make my pattern, I used the Elements and Principles of Design. For example, I used colour, patterns and shapes. As you can see, I have different colours instead of just all grey. Another thing is that I have symmetrical patterns all across the mosaic. To add to that, the mosaic has lots of circles and rectangles. Those things helped make my mosaic more interesting. With such strange patterns, you are probably wondering what my inspiration was. Well, when I look at it, it reminds me of this Mexican Restaurant we went to for a previous Mother's Day. There you go! I hope that you liked my design. 



    This is part of my little project to add a more interesting Art Mosaic Page. Here, you can comment on what I could improve on, what you like, what you don't like, and tons of other things. Comment away!

    (Author's Note: While I am open to comments on what you don't like, please give a reason why.)

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